White Sandals

White sandals are the ultimate warm weather accessory. Nothing sets off a beautiful summer tan like a strappy feminine sandal. Since white is a truly neutral color that goes with literally every color in the rainbow your white sandals will quickly become a staple in your warm weather shoe wardrobe.
There are many things to consider when shopping for white sandals. Will they be worn primarily to work, casual socializing or more dressy occasions? Is white the only color that you want or would you like to mix it up with an accent color, perhaps silver beading for evening or a navy trim for a classic nautical look?
Material is also an important consideration. A traditional patent leather white sandal works great for daytime outfits but may be too casual for the workplace. A shiny strappy sandal with rhinestone accents may be too fashion-forward for a more conservative office environment where a leather closed-toe slingback would be considered more professional.
Care and maintenance of your white sandals at is very important to maintaining a crisp elegant appearance. Your favorite sandals will undoubtedly get a lot of wear so make sure to keep them in perfect condition by removing any visible dirt or dust after wearing.

A damp cloth will remove any debris from leather, patent or any other smooth surfaces. A stiff shoe brush will freshen any fabric sandals. Attend promptly to any worn down heels or loose straps.
With care and attention your white sandals will last a long time and be one of your most versatile shoe purchases.

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